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Company Culture

Purpose of the enterprise
Adhering to the advanced technology, Advocate the industry style, Signs are superior in quality, Honesty molded brand.

The spirit of enterprise
Practical, Forge ahead, An unyielding, Never say die.

The declaration of the enterprise
Out of the first-class team, Create first-class performance, Development of the first-class enterprise.

Corporate mission
Do love enterprise, Development LED the cultural industry in China.

Enterprise vision
Be a first-class staff, Create a miscarriage, Create first-class enterprise.

Operation strategy
Science and technology innovation, The good faith for this, Geared to the needs of the market, With the person this.

Management concept
Starting from the communication management

Competitive strategy
Use the shortest possible time to develop the most appropriate personnel,With keen eye to capture the latest market information.

Industry standards
Discipline, Live and let live, Less empty talk, How do the practical work.

The enterprise value
Born to the LED, Save for the society, For the employees and rich, For customers and strong.

Development Tactics
Professional standardization, Internationalization of scientific.

Enterprise soul
With love to do business, With grateful heart man.